Do we get invoices for our payments

Do we get invoices for our payments

Yes, we issue invoice for the amount of payment you remit via our customer portal or to our EU or US bank accounts.
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    • What to do when your payment is not updated?

      At Moitele, we have automated our payments made through Paypal and Credit card when paid using the links in our low balance email notifications or from our customer portal. This automation works smoothly for verified customers with history of at ...
    • Can we get a flat pricing per agent or user?

      Yes, we offer a variety of pricing to our customers. We have noticed that Pay as you go has been the most popular billing method among our customers. In pay as you go mode, customer pays us in advance. The payment is reflected as balance in his ...
    • What are the payment options?

      We accept international payment via bank transfer/Paypal/Credit/Debit card. Make sure that your Credit/Debit card issuer allows you to submit global payments.
    • How to top up my account?

      1. To Top-Up Account balance click the ‘Add Funds’ on the TOP panel of the user portal when you log in. 2. Select the amount to be added to your account. 3. Enter the required information marker as (*). 4. Proceed to payment.
    • Where to view my subscriptions?

      Follow these steps to view the subscriptions you have. 1. Login to admin account in the user portal. 2. Go to the billing module. 3. Click on my subscription option. 4. Filter the subscription based on your choice. 5.Click on search button 6. Click ...