How can I use Webhook URL in Moitele softphone?

How can I use Webhook URL in Moitele softphone?

Webhook URL is an integration we offer that allows users to log data from the softphone into their database.  Users can pass information from their Moitele account using webhook url.  Basically, this integration allows you to record live actions into your database.

It can be used using these simple steps.
  1. Login to your Moitele account using your credentials. 
  2. In the front page click on apps, and choose the browser softphone (it has a chrome vector)
  3. Login again to your browser softphone and navigate to settings. 
  4. In the last section of settings you have a space to enter the webhook URL.
  5. Visit your webhook site, copy the URL and paste it into your Moitele softphone.
  6. When action is complete, please log out of your account. You should now be able to log every action performed in the softphone on you webhook site.
Please watch this video below: 

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