How do I use the Calls module to monitor my agent's calling activity?

How do I use the Calls module to monitor my agent's calling activity?

  1. You can Filter using Numbers, Time Stamp, Agent, Status and Call Type. This is an excellent tool to measure performance.
  2. the ‘Numbers’ filter helps you filter the data based on dialed numbers.
  3. ‘Call Status’ filters will generate results on these categories: Answered📱 , Unanswered📴 , Failed ☹ and Busy🔇.
  4. ‘Time Stamps’ are integrated to work to the exact date and time. (Example: February 9th, 16:51.)
  5. ‘Call type’ filters out the incoming and outgoing calls.
  6. ‘Agent filter’ will filter out the agents on your platform.
  7. ALWAYS hit ‘Search’ to execute.

You can always export the data and download it! 

Read more on Downloading Data HERE!

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