How to integrate Moitele Softphone with Zoho CRM?

How to integrate Moitele Softphone with Zoho CRM?

Moitele Extension for Zoho CRM allows users to easily integrate Moitele into Zoho and make calls smoothly. The extension is installed within a few minutes and users can make calls directly via the platform by simply clicking to call. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Moitele softphone into Zoho CRM. 

1. Login to your Zoho account, enter your credentials and navigate to the Zoho CRM homepage. Everyday information and data is displayed on the homepage. 
2. Navigate to the top right corner and click on "Extensions Marketplace"

3.  In the extension marketplace, navigate to "Channels"

4. Select "Telephony" under "Channels"

5. In the "Search Apps" section, enter "Moitele"

6.  Type "Moitele" in the search bar and select "Moitele"

7. Click on "Install"

8. Choose which users in your organization have access to Moitele's softphone

9. Moitele is now ready to be used and can be accessed by clicking on the bottom right corner

10.  Login to the Moitele softphone with username and password. If you do not have a Moitele account, create on at

11. Initiate calls by clicking on a number in your Zoho customer database. 

12. When a call is initiated, perform functions such as call recording, call hold and mute. 

13. All call records and data are available on the platform under the "Calls" tab. 

Using and navigating Moitele's Softphone is extremely easy and to contact support email

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