How to setup IP restriction in Moitele customer portal?

How to setup IP restriction in Moitele customer portal?

IP restriction allows users to add an extra layer of security for customer portal login. When IP restriction is set, only active IP addresses from a list can access the customer portal. IP restriction when set, extends to softphone login as well. 

Follow the instructions carefully to setup IP restriction:
  1. Login to the admin profile in Moitele customer portal at
  2. Enter username (email) and password 
  3. Navigate to settings and under ' Security Settings' click on 'IP restrict the account click here to Setup'
  4. If you are currently logged on to customer portal, the link above will navigate you to the section
  5. Click on 'add IP' to add an IP address and please add a note with IP name. ( Example: Username Home; Username office etc.)
  6. Always add your current IP first. Otherwise, you will be logged out and you can not access the portal. You can check the current IP at
  7. IP restriction is now set. Toggle the on/off bar to activate/deactivate IP restriction
Please find the video instructions below:

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