How to use global DNC number pool?

How to use global DNC number pool?

Global DNC number pool functions as a master key that restricts certain numbers across all agent/PBX accounts in the customer portal. Easily set it up following these instructions carefully.

Manually adding numbers to DNC

1. Login to your admin account at
Admin login
2. Navigate to the DNC section from the left-hand side panel 
DNC section in customer portal
3. Click on 'ADD' to create a new number pool. Please note user can only create maximum two number pools at a time
Create a new number pool
4. You can add numbers manually one at a time or upload a CSV file for bulk uploads. Note: eliminate using symbols in the numbers for smooth upload
Number pool upload options
5. You can download a CSV template to fill in numbers for bulk upload
Download Template
6. When ready, click on 'Update'. Your number pool is now active

Creating bulk uploads

1. Navigate to the DNC section of the customer portal and click on "Add +"
2. Users can edit existing number pools by clicking the edit icon
Edit number pool
3. Click "upload" to add an existing CSV file with numbers
Upload existing CSV number file
4. If there is no existing file, users can click "Download Template", and populate number data into the CSV file
Download template
5. Add numbers to the CSV file, and upload 
Add numbers to file
6. After uploading the file, click on update to save the changes. It may take a few moments to upload the data depending on the file size. Please be patient and do not refresh the browser.

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