What are the SIP settings for Moitele?

What are the SIP settings for Moitele?

Any soft phone, IP phone and PBX connects with a SIP trunk or SIP account using two types of connections - 
  1. User authentication
  2. IP authentication
We shall describe the the two methods and the required settings below - 
  1. User authentication
    1. This method basically authenticates the individual user account
    2. It requires - 
      1. SIP server address (IP addresss or domain name): We recommend using any of the domain names -  secast.moitele.com, secast2.moitele.com
      2. Username 
      3. Password
    3. In this method, any account is usually assigned to a particular person or device. Any device or person using the above credentials will be able to register and make calls from anywhere in the world provided the user is allowed to make calls from anywhere.
    4. Sometimes users are restricted to make calls only from a particular IP or a particular country to prevent misuse or fraud.
  2. IP authentication
    1. This method authenticates a particular IP or domain
    2. It requires 
      1. IP of the customer or PBX from which the calls originate. Moitele has to authenticate this IP
      2. Customer will authenticate moitele domain/IP (use spacepack1.moitele.com)
    3. In this method, calls will be accepted only when they originate from a particular IP. Any call originating from an unauthenticated IP are rejected by the server offering the highest level of security than the User authentication

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