What are the basics of Calls page?

What are the basics of Calls page?

The Calls tab has been built with the intention of giving you a simple yet easy way to monitor your call activities. We offer you multiple filters so you can find the data you are looking for easily. 

1. Log-in to your account at app.moitele.com.
2. After you have logged in you visit the ‘Calls’ page. This page has every data and information on the Calls performed by agents.
3. The top panel shows your account balance. Hit refresh to see the balance in real time.
4. Click ‘+’ to top up your account.
5. The page will show you the records from the last 24 hours.

Read more on using the filters in Calls, HERE!

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    • How do I use the Calls module to monitor my agent's calling activity?

      You can Filter using Numbers, Time Stamp, Agent, Status and Call Type. This is an excellent tool to measure performance. the ‘Numbers’ filter helps you filter the data based on dialed numbers. ‘Call Status’ filters will generate results on these ...
    • What should I do if I don't find the call in the call history page

      In general, any call that lands on our server is visible in the call history even if the call has failed or busy or not answered. So, there are only two possibilities when you don't see a call in the CDR/call history - You are searching a wrong ...
    • What does 'Reset' do in the search section of 'Calls' module?

      One can search the calls by using various filters. We can filter the calls by date and time and/or status and/or description and/or other available filter criterion. Whenever we want to change the criterion on just apply the default criterion you can ...
    • Where can I find the call recordings?

      Call recordings are available in our 'Calls' module. Recordings is an optional service activated upon request. Follow the steps below to access the recordings - Click the 'Calls' module in the menu Select the call filters as per your requirement and ...
    • Can we receive incoming calls on our business phone numbers?

      Yes, all phone number purchased from us are eligible for receiving the incoming calls. By default incoming is not activated. You may raise a ticket to allow incoming calls and also the account/phone number to which the incoming calls have to be ...