What does the color of the phone number in the Moitele softphone indicate?

What does the color of the phone number in the Moitele softphone indicate?

Colour codes in the softphone help users to understand the probability of a call connectivity in three universal colours:

  1.   RED    color indicates the likelihood of answering for the dialled number is less for various reasons. The reason could be anything such as user unwilling to answer or number is not in use or number is out of network or disconnected. 
  2.   ORANGE    .color indicates the likelihood of answering the dialled number is moderate. 
  3.   GREEN    color indicates a higher likelihood of answering the dialled number. This means, the chance of this number getting answered is very high

Why are colour codes important?

Colour codes allow users to understand the number directory and learn about the numbers dialled. The codes allow users to streamline efficiency within the softphone to make more successful calls and spend less time dialling the numbers that are less likely to answer. Additionally, it helps teams sort through numbers that no longer need to be dialled as there is a high probability of no response. By using the probability of the calls, Moitele provides users an easy way to use colour codes to navigate through contacts. 

How does it work?

Users can see the colour come into effect when the number is pasted into the text area of the softphone. When the call is being dialled, users can see the probability bar indicating the three colours and what the colours indicate. All of the functionality of the colour codes happens on the backend and does not affect the calling. 

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