What to do if I have an issue with the service ?

What to do if I have an issue with the service ?

At any point if you have an issue, best thing is to contact support with the details of the issue. As we are also humans, sometimes we tend to be busy at work or addressing other customer's concerns. So, we request you to first go through out knowledge base (KB) as a starting point. In the KB, you will find answers to most frequently answered questions, or general issues that customers might face. One can address the issues easily by reading the relevant article or video guides.

In case you don't find answer or resolution to your concern, you may contact us on live chat with the details of the issue. 

Example1: Suppose are unable to login to your account. Start a chat session and give details of the account username and what happens when you are trying to login.
Example 2: Suppose your calls to a particular country are not connecting. Start a chat session and give details of the agent username dialling the numbers and the numbers you tried to dial. When you give the call status code visible from the customer portal for the said calls, our support will be able to resolve the issue very fast. Without call status code, it will take time
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