What to do when your payment is not updated?

What to do when your payment is not updated?

At Moitele, we have automated our payments made through Paypal and Credit card when paid using the links in our low balance email notifications or from our customer portal. This automation works smoothly for verified customers with history of at least three successful payments

For new customers, the first three payments may not be updated automatically. Moitele team has to manually add the payments and setup the automation. The new customer may simply submit a request to automate the payments.

We recommend to submit your billing and payment request at least 1 hr in advance or when you have at least 10 USD balance. It may take unto 1 hr to reflect the payment online in the customer portal
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    • What are the payment options?

      We accept international payment via bank transfer/Paypal/Credit/Debit card. Make sure that your Credit/Debit card issuer allows you to submit global payments.
    • How to top up my account?

      1. To Top-Up Account balance click the ‘Add Funds’ on the TOP panel of the user portal when you log in. 2. Select the amount to be added to your account. 3. Enter the required information marker as (*). 4. Proceed to payment.
    • Do we get invoices for our payments

      Yes, we issue invoice for the amount of payment you remit via our customer portal or to our EU or US bank accounts.
    • How to edit/update an existing agent on Moitele User portal?

      Follow a few simple steps and easily edit existing agents to your account! Any of the following actions can be done under an existing agent. Change username Change password Change caller id Change the agent status Change agent username Log-in to your ...
    • How can I edit Team Member information?

      Team member information can be easily edited in Teams Section of the customer portal. Follow the following steps to edit team member information: Visit www.app.moitele.com and login using admin account Navigate to the "Teams" section in the left ...