Why use Moitele Softphones?

Why use Moitele Softphones?

Our new prospects choose Moitele softphones for the unique features we offer. See few reasons below:

  1. Easy to integrate into any browser.
  2. Excellent intuitive features from the minute you login. Your login information can be checked thoroughly to ensure smooth login.
  3. Easy to download application.
  4. No need to waste time in formatting; numbers can be easily pasted to the keypad.

Go to app.moitele.com and get started now! Want to know how to integrate Moitele softphone into your browser? Read THIS ARTICLE!

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    • Does Moitele offer softphones?

      Yes, Moitele offers softphones that are super easy to install and easy to use. We offer the following versions of the soft phone - Windows desktop app Mac desktop app Browser app (No installation required) Web app (Integrate with your own ...
    • Where can I find the Moitele softphones?

      Moitele softphones are available to all our customers for free. Moitele softphone's are the most advanced soft phones available in the contact center industry. They are available from the customer portal. In order to download the softphone follow ...
    • How can I use Webhook URL in Moitele softphone?

      Webhook URL is an integration we offer that allows users to log data from the softphone into their database. Users can pass information from their Moitele account using webhook url. Basically, this integration allows you to record live actions into ...
    • Can I change my display name in Moitele softphones?

      Moitele softphones allow you to edit your Display Name and Caller ID in settings. You can make these changes by following these simple steps. Login to Moitele Softphone Navigate to settings. Enter your new display name and/or Caller ID Please use a ...
    • Logging into Moitele softphones

      Easily login to Moitele softphones from www.app.moitele.com Log into customer portal 1. Visit www.app.moitele.com 2. Login to your user account. 3. If you are an agent login using agent account, admin using admin account and team member using the ...