How to setup a phone number as caller ID to a user in PBX

How to setup a phone number as caller ID to a user in PBX

Assigning a phone number is not the same as assigning a caller ID in the PBX. Assigning a phone number to a user will only allow incoming calls to the user. If one wants to display any particular phone number as caller ID for a user, it has to be done using the Call flow module as below - 
  1. Select the 'Callflow' module from the app section
  2. Select 'User' block
  3. Select the user in the list on the left side
  4. Upon selection, you will find two fields at the bottom - 'Caller ID name' and 'Caller ID number'.
  5. Fill in the name of the user (optional)
  6. Fill in the phone number in the Caller ID Number field

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